Community Impact


Benefit Summary

Strada Corsa Houston offers car enthusiasts an opportunity unlike any other: the chance to follow their passion amid the landscape of space exploration and adventure.

Strada Corsa Houston offers NASA a national venue to showcase the Orion Mars Project, while celebrating the history and accomplishments of its storied space program.

Strada Corsa Houston offers Houston a signature vintage motorsports venue with enormous tourism potential, a first in the Southwest.

Strada Corsa Houston will serve as a platform for touring Houston, Galveston, and other destinations across Texas.

Strada Corsa Houston will bring great economic value to Metro Houston and the Bay Area communities.

Strada Corsa Houston will offer spectacular public relations and entertainment opportunities to corporate sponsors.

Strada Corsa Houston will garner national and international publicity.

Strada Corsa Houston will provide the platform for the planned Throttle Week Houston.